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Garbage Compactors, Hook lifts, Road Swipers, Mini Dampers



Rear Loading Hydraulic
Garbage Compactor

Rear Loading Hydraulic Garbage Compactor is a rapid and an economic solution in garbage collection in addition to the fact that it is a safe and a practical job for the workers and it provides also a modern and a neat appearance.


Rear Loading Hydraulic Garbage Compactor

Equipped With High Pressure Container Washing System

Due the system ensuring the collection of garbage and washing of containers simultaneously without the need for a second vehicle, the containers can be washed automatically or manually. This new equipment which Hidro-Mak has led the way is consisting of a high pressure water pump, special washing nozzle(s), stainless water tank and suction pump. 



Round Body Hydraulic Garbage Compactor

In design of body, body lateral up- down profiles removed, gained in strength with using more quality materials in body steel plates by special design construction method. With this design, compactor kerb weight is reduced more and due to that payload capacity is increased. Besides by smooth side walls reached more esthetics and modern view. With these additional characteristics, cleaning and maintanence becomes more easier.


Rear Loading Hydraulic Garbage Compactor 

Equipped With Crane in Front

The crane is in between the vehicle cab and the garbage compactor. It pours the underground and surface container it lifts into the rear bunker. Its most significant advantage; is that it can receive container both, right and left sides. Moreover, it can discharge standart containers too by removing the extra cover on the rear bunker.



Eco-Twin Hydraulic Rear
Loading Garbage Compactor

Working independently dual type garbage compactor collect and transport household and packing/recycling wastes separately by only one vehicle and transfer household garbage to waste transfer station and packing wastes to recycling plants .


Top Loading Hydraulic Garbage Compactor 

Equipped With Crane in Front 

The crane is located between the vehicle cab and the garbage compactor. Its most significant advantage is that as it does not have tailgate part ,garbage compactor kerb weight is lighter. The ejection plate used to discharge the garbage from inside the body is also ensuring compression of garbage.




Working principle of hooklift is to take open or closed container on its platform and to transport them to final desitination. Hooklift can be produced according to capacity varies between 8-26 tone and 34 tone. 


Refuse Compactor With Road Sweeper

For the first time in the world, Hidro-Mak has combined in a single truck the vacuum Road Sweeping equipment and the Hydraulic Compaction Garbage Frame. Our superstructure which can implement successfully the two tasks in a single vehicle offers to its users low initial investment and cost of use.



Top Loading Semitrailer

This equipment consist from body, upper lid (top cover), rear door and ejection plate. Equipment working principle is to dump the garbage inside the body to the landfill with opening of rear door and by help of ejection plate which also makes compression.


Skip Loader

The Skip Loader designed for transportation of the solid waste containers, has a structure where extension (telescopic) arms also can be applicable. Stabilization legs(jacks) can be made horizontal or vertical landing depending on the load state. 




The Monoblok is a rapid and an economic solution in collecting garbage. It provides a modern, clean and an innovative appearance for the environment. It has a 100% leakage-proof quality and it is much lighter than the other ones since, in this compactor there is no tailgate comparing to (one piece body) the normal garbage compactors. It allows its user to make manual loading and it has container lifting system. 


Mini Dump With Side Door

Mini Dump is used to collect garbage in places such as sites, narrow streets where movement ability is insufficient or as a secondary carrier in main sites. In the Mini Dump, the discharging process is made by using the side covers and two numbers of lifting cylinders (tilting the body). 

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